-    Muyi is thrilled by the process of creating something for the ultimate good, and her passion is to create and design products to benefit people in real life.
-    Muyi thinks technology might change the word, but the design makes those changes available to anyone in need, which is one of the ultimate good.
-    Besides that, Muyi believes in great business is driven by satisfied customers. Whoever wants to contribute to the market, his/her competitors are not other companies in the industry, but customers, and what makes difference to win customers’ heart is PRODUCTS.
-    To offer something valuable to our customers, we need to get to the truth about their motivations, expectations, and being truly altruistic and empathic are the keys to decode customer’s thoughts.
-    To deliver a wonderful product, as a UX designer, he/she needs to be aware of the technical limits as well.


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Muyi Tao
Nov 1, 5 min read
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Muyi Tao
Nov 25, 7 min read
Muyi Tao is a Product/UX designer & researcher with Software engineering background, and she is an astrologer in spare time.

Learning and mastering new things is a major interest of her, besides that, she loves to have proactive conversations with talented people and write articles to share and update what she had learned.